The fund history

In 1999 Sella SGR launched “Nordfondo Etico Obbligazionario Misto Max 20% Azioni”, a fund considered ethical as it donated a percentage of the assets to charities.

In 2003 Nordfondo Etico started adopting exclusion criteria in the securities selection process: all companies involved in environmental and social harmful activities were excluded from the portfolio.

In 2015 Nordfondo Etico converts in Investimenti Sostenibili. With the broadening of financial instruments that combine efficiently financial return and environmental and social benefits, the fund structured a new policy focused on the intentionality of generating concrete and measurable impact alongside financial return. Investimenti Sostenibili became the first impact investing fund in Italy.

In 2016, in partnership with LifeGate, a major reference for sustainability in Italy, one class of the fund was listed on the Italian Stock Exchange: adding another important step of innovation in the pattern of the fund and facilitating access to sustainable finance products to investors.

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